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Vancouver - Pender

Wonton Trucking Services

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Where We're Delivering

  • Weekly freight schedule between Vancouver and Pender Island
  • Moving service between Pender, Mainland and Vancouver Island 
  • Short term storage available aswell!

Simple Rates - No fuel surcharges or residential delivery fee

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Our Skills - Your Quality Insurance

With damage free deliveries for over 20 years, WON TON TRUCKING offers safe, secure, dry and reliable service.

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What we Deliver

Building supplies, furniture, Ikea stuff, appliances, fine art, sculptures, totem poles, Buddhas, flooring, carpet, pet food, machinery, hot tubs, canoes, tractors, fitness equipment, personal effects, antiques, motorcycles, paddle boards, bamboo, wood stoves, etc etc


WON-TON Trucking

Based on South Pender, Wonton Trucking has been providing shipping solutions to islanders for over 20 years. You can feel confident knowing your valued items are safe with us and will be delivered to you quickly and in good order.

We provide direct service only which assures damage-free deliveries at a sensible cost to you.

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